New place

It's almost 7 months I've been in new office. Looking back now, my old place seem not really bad place. Well it's not the new place are bad, it's just maybe the toxic of old place have been invading me too much, so I don't know how to cope with their being unpunctual, taking too much time in simple task, can't doing it alone, delegating job for trivial reason.
At the old place, Nobody will help us with our jobs, except for something important. But it's made me can do better at jobs, and the those skill can't be taken from me, so it's make me feel save having those skill.
But here at new place with the little amount of task their complaint too much but still having time watching drama, so of course their work never get finished,and they still blamed others for it.

We are not friends!!!

My most anticipating drama this season is "Unnatural". Staring with Ishihara Satomi and Masataka Kubota. Well the first reason I watching it is the two-face actor Masataka Kubota and the stories. Ishihara Satomi herself has played (almost the same role in "voice" years ago), but the stories is not about criminal, so "unnatural" is more interesting.

I just finished watching episodes 6, and the words "We are not friends but just colleagues" it's struck me well and made me smile remembering about my work place.

We are working, talking, eating together almost everyday (well sometimes there is no day I don't meet them for a whole week), but despite that we are colleagues not friends. :))

When there is a trouble in work place we helping each other , we encourage each other, praising, reminding, make fun each other but still we are colleagues :DDD

Sometimes I got jealous with the other achievements

sometimes I wish they let me alone

sometimes I totally disagree with them

Got mad at them,

But tomorrow I'll have to meet them nevertheless :)))

Yes!! we are colleagues!! no doubt!!

It's the places you can't choose who people you can work with and can't work with. So I really can relate with Sakurai Sho words : 

"It's about level of restraint and tolerance, because you can't always getting mad, irritated and fight. You should try to tolerance it first but you can't always holding back you should try to tell the others about it" -Sakurai Sho 



I'm alive

Thank God for everything.
to make everything easier to me.
to make everyday enjoyable.
for make them a wonderful.
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