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Thank you so much!!!
Massu-mama is really lovely!!! Well I can't help but imagine :)))) but Massu answer made me realize how level minded he is. I love-hate for Massu talk so few about his family. And whenever He does made me feel warm since how lovely and humble they are.

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Thank God for everything.
to make everything easier to me.
to make everyday enjoyable.
for make them a wonderful.
to learn be less serious. to learn about Japanese more.
to learn to love.
What is the last great book you read?
To kill a mocking bird, I think.
I know it's kind of late of my country to adopt it.
Untill now I always see the glass half empty, so I think I'm pessimist...
What's the last thing you bought?
I'm alive,to granted what I have and feel right now...
What always makes you laugh?
Not particularly, non of my friend or someone close to me use LJ, so no use of telling them.
I know few people that use LJ since we are in same comm in real world, but I don't want to tell them about my LJ, since I'm not that active user....

lika today...
Cloudy morning day...
I can't stand Hot, so I always prefer cloudy day, rain is better.

So much I love rain, but when it rain at night I can't sleep because of the sound so annoyingly..


What’s your favorite kind of weather?
I hope more years to come...

She is pestering me all the university time and now, untill we working, thanks god we are in deffirent job, sometimes she soooo annoying and I can't stop telling her to shut up.LOL(no matter how many time I told her to, She never shut up)

I can tell her everything, and she always there anytime I need her.

(Don't tell her about it)